Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to find the best skin lightening methods?  There are lots of ways to get whiter skin, but unfortunately the Internet is packed with so many different things products on skin whitening, it is hard to determine which skin lightening methods are the best skin lightening methods

This article will discuss things to look for and things to avoid and how to choose the best skin lightening methods, and will also discuss natural skin whitening options.

First, let’s discuss things you should avoid in your skin lightening methods.  The best skin lightening methods will not include Mercury, Hydroquinone, or any type of Steroids.  These ingredients have been linked to liver problems, Thyroid problems, and even some links to Leukemia.  For those reasons these skin lightening methods should be avoided.

Now lets discuss what are considered to be the best skin lightening methods.

Lemon paste or lemon extract is a natural remedy that is used to get the skin to be whiter for people who are of “Asian tone”    Lactic acid, according to some people, is a good natural remedy for skin whitening, too.  Sandalwood paste is also one of the best skin lightening methods available.

Vitamin B3 helps to get whiter skin.  It is considered one of the best skin lightening methods because it is safe, and generally it is hard to hurt yourself by taking vitamins.

Citric acids, and fruit extracts also can help with getting whiter skin.  These fruit extracts won’t damage your skin, and are safe to us, so they are considered one of the best skin lightening methods.

Alpha Arbutin, also known as Dockweed, is known to be a good skin lightening method that is natural because it will prevent skin tanning and will inhibit redness on one’s skin.

If you do decide to utilize skin bleaching follow these procedures:

Do not expect skin bleaching to be an overnight or even a fast process.  It takes time, and it depends on how dark the area is that you wish to bleach.  According to some people, it can take as long as one year to get whiter skin via bleaching.  This is why skin bleaching is not considered one of the best skin lightening methods.

Finally, whatever skin lightening methods you choose, some will be fast skin lightening methods, and some won’t.  Remember, however, that protection from the sun is super important.  It is recommended to use a very strong sunscreen that has at least an SPF 30 whenever you are going to be exposed to the sun.

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